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-=]UM[=-Monsterhunt-​Naliweapon​ III

Status: ONLINE
Connection Port: 6000
Query Port: 6001
Type: ut
Game: ut
Map: MH-UM-BruteValley3
Players: 0 / 32


Setting Value
adminname -=]UM[=-Hitman
balanceteams False
changelevels True
friendlyfire 0%
gamemode openplaying
gamename ut
gamerevision d - Aug 21 2023 Preview
gamestyle Hardcore
gametype MonsterHunt
gamever 469
goalteamscore 0
hostname -=]UM[=-Monsterhunt-​Naliweapon​ III
hostport 6000
listenserver False
location 0
mapname MH-UM-BruteValley3
maptitle MH-UM-BruteValley3
maxplayers 32
maxteams 1
minnetver 436
minplayers 0
mutators Rextended MH Lite v1, Minimum Monster Health Tracker, Relic: GoVengeance, Relic: GoDefense, Relic: GoSpeed, Relic: GoStrength, Relic: GoInvulnerable, Relics HUD Patch, Transporter to other players, UMExtras, ScoreSave-RC5, HideNPeekMHv4, DoubleJumpUTv3, NW3 Extras - Nuclear Warning HUD, NW3 - Nali Weapons 3, NW3 Extras - Monster Hunt, NW3 Extras - Modifiers, HitmanModv8 Player Stats, HitmanModv8, HitmanModv8 Player Logging, HitmanModv8StrongMon​sters,​ Map Vote Ultimate 3
numplayers 0
password False
playersbalanceteams False
timelimit 0
tournament False
wantworldlog false
worldlog false